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  • Berlin Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

    Stand out from the Crowd

    The Berlin Boombox is a speaker
    for those who want to show off,
    like back in the day.

  • Powerful Sound

    German engineered audio electronics and powerful speakers. Blast your beats wirelss wirth Bluetooth audio .

    Do-It-Yourself Kit

    Build your own boombox! Assembling the DIY kit is easy as 1-2-3.


    Thanks to the use of recycled cardboard and flat shipping, the Berlin Boombox is the most eco-friendly powered stereo speaker on the market.

Blutooth audio

Let's Go Wireless

Most Berlin Boombox Designs are available with Bluetooth® wireless audio. Enjoy your music wireless from all your Bluetooth®-enabled devices. Control all Bluetooth functions with only one single knob. Oldschool style with high thech audio!

  • Mixtape Series

    We love music, here's great music for your Berlin Boombox. Download and stream for free.

  • Tribe NYC

    Yo! MTV Raps Boombox

    We pay tribute to the greatest Hip Hop TV show in history with this this special edition.

    TM & © Viacom International Inc

  • Eco-friendly gadegt

    Save the planet.

    The Berlin Boombox is the most
    eco-friendly speaker on the block.
    Made from recycled cardboard and very energy-efficient.
    Because you love music,
    not plastic waste.

ENGADGET – "We're impressed with this unique creation"

COOL MATERIAL – "We're picking up one of these Berlin Boomboxes for the office"

THE VERGE – "Impressed with the design"

12OZPROPHET – "Fresh and a dope spin on making eco-friendly designs!"

OBVIOUS WINNER – "Snag one early and be the cool kid on the block."

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