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  • Let's go Wireless!

    Most Berlin Boombox designs
    are now available with
    Bluetooth® Wireless Audio.

  • A mobile speaker
    like no other.

    The original cardboard ghettoblaster
    for your smartphone.
    A unique concept for powerful sound.
    Made with German technology
    and high-quality materials.

  • Black and Gold Limited Edition Bluetooth Boombox

    Meet the Boss
    of the Family!

    The Black & Gold 
    Limited Edition with
    Bluetooth® Wireless Audio.

  • Stand out from the Crowd

    The Berlin Boombox is a speaker
    for those who want to show off,
    like back in the day.

  • Montana Bombox for Homepage

    Your Own Speaker

    We present a special unprinted Boombox
    including a pack of 6 Montana ACRYLIC markers.
    Now you can design your very own Boombox!

My Berlin Boombox

Play it Loud! Show it off!
Dance to the music!

Let's Go Wireless

Let us take you from the old school to new possibilites with Bluetooth® Wireless Audio. Most Berlin Boombox Designs are available as wireless versions. Enjoy your music wireless from all your Bluetooth®-enabled devices. Control all Bluetooth functions with only one single knob. Thanks to Bluetooth® 4.1, this is true high-tech in a boombox!

  • Be Amazed

    Our unique cardboard construction and audio components deliver powerful sound.
    And Building your Berlin Boombox is easy as 1-2-3!

  • Replacement cardboard cases

    Time For Change

    Update your Berlin Boombox
    with a new case.
    Available in fresh colors.
    Use it with the audio components
    you already have.

  • It's all
    about Music!

    Our love for music made us
    create the Berlin Boombox.
    We started our series of exclusive
    mixtapes because we want to
    give you great music for your
    Berlin Boombox.
    Download and stream for free.

  • Tribe NYC

    Yo! MTV Raps

    We pay tribute to the greatest
    Hip Hop TV show in history
    with this this special edition.

    TM & © Viacom International Inc

  • Eco-friendly gadegt

     Save the planet.

    The Berlin Boombox is the most
    eco-friendly speaker on the block.
    Made from recycled cardboard and very energy-efficient.
    Because you love music,
    not plastic waste.

For everyone

The Berlin Boombox is compatible with every smartphone* and mp3 player, tablet or laptop. Connect to your device’s headphone jack or connect wireless via Bluetooth®.

Powerful Sound

Our speakers offer powerful sound thanks to German engineered speakers and electronics. Wireless Bluetooth audio is available for maximum connectivity.


Thanks to the use of recycled cardboard and flat shipping, the Berlin Boombox is the most eco-friendly powered stereo speaker on the market.

Video: Making the Berlin Boombox

Come and see how we make the
berlin Bombox right here in Berlin.

    ENGADGET – "We're impressed with this unique creation"

    COOL MATERIAL – "We're picking up one of these Berlin Boomboxes for the office"

    THE VERGE – "Impressed with the design"

    12OZPROPHET – "Fresh and a dope spin on making eco-friendly designs!"

    OBVIOUS WINNER – "Snag one early and be the cool kid on the block."